All the bikes on show at Bike Shed 2017 are invited and curated by us. We pick the best of the best from the new wave, cafe racer, tracker, scrambler, bobber, brat-style scenes, built by the pros, the semi-pros and the shed-builders, and we make sure that every bike has earned it place on our Bike Shed plinths.

There are no ugly ropes to get in the way of your photos and we trust our visitors to keep their bums of seats and to leave the throttle alone.

We avoid showing bikes that have been seen elsewhere or that appear at every other show, not because they’re not lovely, but because we want to make sure you have a reason to come and see what’s new. We hope you appreciate the extra effort.

We will have a special Shed-Built section at the show, which will feature over 30 bikes, built by non-branded, non-pros in their home garages, workshops, back-gardens and kitchens around the UK and Europe.

Bikes are being added every days, but so far we have over 230 bikes, built by…

72 Motorcycles Ltd

Ace Classics

Ace13 & Joris

Allen Millyard / Stephen Millyard

Alonze Custom

ANX prototypes

Atelier Chatokine

Attitude cycles

Auto Fabrica

Back Street Heroes

Bad Winners

Bandisca Motorcycles

Baroc Custom

Bieda Motorcs

Bolt Motorcycles

Capelos Garage & Elemental Rides

CCM Motorcycles

Cycles Factory / Motonaut

Dab Design

Dalstra Motoren

Death Machines of London

deBolex Engineering

deep creek cycleworks

Destiny Cycles

Deville CRM

Down & Out Motorcycles

DNA Filters ltd

Eclectic Motorcycles Ltd

Elemental Rides

Erne‘s Euromotos

ETTO Motorcycles

Fastec Racing Ltd

Fcr Original

Foundry Motorcycle

Free Spirit Motorcycles

Herald Motor company


Hoxton Moto

IDP Moto Ltd

Injustice Customs

Kevils Speed Shop

Kite motorcycles

Krazy Horse

Kruz Company

Kuna Customs

Liberty Motorcycles

Libra Coachworks ltd

Lions Den Motorcycles

Mac’s Motors

Made In Italy Bikes

Maria Riding Company

Mellow Motorcycles

Merlin Engineers

Mokka Cycles

Moto Morini


MRS Oficina



Nico Dragoni Motociclette

November customs

Old Empire Motorcycles


Outsiders Motorcycles

P&D Custom Bikes

Partridge Design

Pinky’s Customs


Rag & Bone Customs

Red Max Speedshop

Retrograde Mechanica

Revival Cycles

Rob Wainwright / Gerry Wainwright Motorsport

Rocket Bobs Cycle Works

Tom Winchester Shaw Harley-Davidson

Rua machines

Scar’s Motorcycles

Shaw Speed & Custom

Shed Hot Customs

Side Rock Cycles

Sinroja Motorcycles

Sovereign Industries

Speed & Custom


Strang Steel Motorcycles Ltd

Sultans of Sprint

Sur Les Chapeaux De roues

Survivor Customs

Thornton Hundred Motorcycles

Tim Woolener/ SolowChoppers

Triumph Motorcycles

TW Steel

Unik Edition Custom Motorcycles

Untitled Motorcycles

V-Moto Ltd

VA Motorcycles

Vtopia Design



Woodgates Motorcycles

Woolies Workshop for Alpinestars

Workhorse Speed Shop

Wreckless Motorcycles



Zombie Gelato Motorcycles

…and many more – plus those Shed-Builds.

Dainese Triumph Motorcycles Yamaha BMW Royal Enfield Indian Scrambler Ducati Rev It